220 outlet

220 outlet / 240 outlet or receptacle install

220/240 outlets: Standardized voltages in the United States are now 120/240 volts. In the past household voltages were refered to as 110/220 but that has changed. Yes there is some slight variation as you may find voltages such as 118 or 121 but it is unlikely to find household current at 110. But for all intents and purposes the labeling of 110/220 and 120/240 refer to the same household current.
220 outlet air compressor
           I made this website to help out anyone who is looking to install a 220/240 electrical outlet in their home. I started out just like you, knowing almost nothing about how to tackle this task and spent a great deal of time researching the issue and was still left with some nagging questions. I could have saved time and money installing the 240 outlet had I known what I know now.

           The Good news: Installing a 240 volt outlet is a fairly simple task but it will only seem that way AFTER you successfully complete it. Before hand it seems complicated and confusing, especially if you don't understand alternating current or know your way around a household electrical box / panel.